System Efficiency - Innovation 2012 to 2014
In 2012, the company invited Jucheng Group to comprehensively enhance the company's organizational performance and production and operation management, and provide a stationed guidance.


Harmonious Endeavour - Brand 2009 to 2011
In 2009, the company established cooperation with Guangzhou Xinsihe Computer Co., Ltd. to be the OEM of its Onda band power supplies; in the same year, the company established a OEM cooperative relationship with multiple local brands in Europe, Korea, Japan and other countries; and the products comprehensively adopt a SMT process.

In 2010, Huizhou Xinhuiyuan Industrial Park was under construction.
In 2011, Shenzhen Xinhuiyuan started to move to Xiangshui River Industrial Zone in Daya Bay in Huizhou City; in May, Xin Hui Yuan Technology Co., Ltd. started the production, and sent management personnel to Jucheng Group for training.


Development is the absolute principle - powerful and prosperous 2006 to 2008
In 2006, the company successfully put the Nitto semi-automatic component inserter line and the U.S. Universal automatic component inserter into use, and introduced the "chorma" advanced power supply tester; in the same year, Xiangshui River in Daya Bay in Huizhou purchased 28,250 square meters of land for industrial park.
In 2007, the company removed to Shuangli Industrial Park, the plant area is expanded to 10,000 square meters, and the Nitto semi-automatic component inserter line and the ROHS environmental protection process are fully put into use; and the company expanded and enter the international power supply market.
In 2008 the company by the Shenzhen Municipal People's Government as high-tech enterprises; the same year to buy land in Hunan Industrial Park 20,000 square meters, the plant began construction in Hunan.


My Chinese Heart - Strategy 2003 to 2005
In 2003, the company was the first that passed 3C certification and applied for CB, CE and TUV certifications.
In 2004, the company successfully moved into an independent plant of 5000 square meters; in the same year, the company established cooperation with Golden Field Industrial Co., Ltd., and became the OEM for its "Golden Field Jinba" brand series power supplies.
In 2005, the company established cooperation with Shenzhen Colorful Group (Seethru Co., Ltd.) and became its OEM for its Xingu series brand power supplies.
In the 3 years, the company has taken a successful step in terms of quality and productivity.

Full of feeling in Pearl River - 2000 to 2002
In 2000, the company opened a specialty store in Shipai Tianwang Computer City in Guanghzou City to sell its own brands of Xinlong, Jinba and Jinpai power supplies.
In 2001, Shenzhen Xinhuiyuan Electronics Co., Ltd. was officially registered and established.
In 2002, the company established the cooperation with Beijing Lianzhi Company and became the OEM for its "Century Dream" and "Tyrannosaurus" brand power supplies.
The three years mark laid a solid foundation for Xinhuiyuan to stride forward to the international power supply market.

Renounce the world splendidly - established in 1999
In 1999, the company was established in Shenzhen to specializing in the production of computer power supplies.

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