Corporate welfare

The company is located in Longshan No.7 Road, West District of Daya Bay, Huizhou City, and each dormitory is equipped with a separate toilet and balcony and of clean environment. The company sets multiple hot water supply points in each floor of the dormitory building for centralized supply of hot water; in addition, the company invites a professional security company to ensure that the security of the plant, the production and living of the staff. In the industrial zone, the company sets up a staff canteen as well as basketball court, table tennis, badminton and other recreational activities complying with the governmental requirements for the employees.


The company provides twice extra meals in the canteen every month, hands out festive food on Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival and other Chinese national festivals in accordance with the national customary practice, and annually organizes the staff to enjoy a tourism to a well-known scenic spot in Shenzhen.


In the selection of managers, the internal staff are given the priority in principle and are transferred by the line supervisor, the section supervisor and the manager from the staff with a sense of responsibility, initiative and motivation in accordance with the usual performance on the basis of preferential promotion.


Respecting for knowledge, individual and collective struggle, and not yielding to meritorious employees is the inherent requirements for our sustainable growth.

All the employees of Xinhuiyuan, regardless of positions, are equal in terms of personality. And the basic criteria of human resource management is "just, fair and open".

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